The Ho Chi Mihn Trail has been one of my favorite hikes to complete. People have said it’s not much of a hike, just a “sketchy path”. And to those people I say it most certainly is a hike. Yes, many people have slipped and fallen to the bottom, but this is not a hike for the inexperienced. So before attempting this hike I will say PROCEED WITH GREAT CAUTION! Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful, but it is extremely challenging. It is a fairly short hike, approximately 2.4 miles long, that leads down to Blacks Beach right here in San Diego.

To get to the starting point of this hike just type this address in to your GPS.

9883 La Jolla Farms Rd
San Diego, CA 92037


It may seem hard to find, but just park somewhere along this street and walk around until you find a little dirt path in between two fences. Trust me, you will find it.

I would suggest either wearing shoes with good grip or not wearing shoes at all, because there is a lot of spots on this hike where there is not even a rock or a place to grab onto. I ended up having to slide on my butt to get to the ground below me, stopping myself just short of plummeting to the bottom of the canyons.

Also, make sure your hands are free! You will definitely need them. I had brought a water bottle with me and my phone, I immediately regretted it. I ended up ditching the water bottle and shoving my phone in my bra.  During one point of this hike I noticed a woman and a man sitting at the bottom of the canyon. It was obvious that something was wrong, the woman was crying and the man was comforting her. I climbed over to ask if everything was alright and sure enough, she had fallen to the bottom. The man had called 911 and they showed up shortly. But this just proves that this hike can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

At the end of the hike, to get down to Blacks Beach, someone conveniently tied a rope to rappel down. It is a sturdy rope, and quite frankly the only way you’re getting down, so I suggest using it.

Now a little about this beach. It is beautiful! Blacks Beach is a great spot to go surfing, and there’s many other ways to get down to the beach so bringing your surfboard down will not be a problem. The farther down you walk you will soon find out that this is a nude beach, but it’s divided. So you will not see naked people running around the whole beach, I suggest keeping your children on the side with the surfers.

I’m not sure if this is a thing anymore, but Blacks Beach used to have drum circles on nights with full moons. I would have loved to go to one, but I have only been told about this by my boyfriend Justice. If these are still around, beware! On one certain night a gun was pulled on another person, the whole crowd ended up chasing the man with the gun. Some crap you only see in movies haha. But other than that it sounds like a blast, so go out and make some memories. Enjoy your damn life.

Here are some pictures I took on this hike. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

The start of the trail.
One of the canyons
Blacks Beach
An awesome path through the rocks


Just stunning


Blacks Beach