IMG_1299.JPGSo I guess I should start by saying “Hello”.. given that’s the proper way to greet someone. But what do I know about being proper.

I am 21. Yes… I don’t have many years on me. But I have stories for days.

Now I will go on to blog all of these “exciting” stories… but for now let’s just get to know whose writing this.

I grew up in Garden City, Kansas. And if I hear ONE Wizard of Oz reference I will lose my mind. I joined the Marine Corps at age 17 and boy was I completely oblivious to the life I was about to live. The Marine Corps changed my life… for better or for worse? Now that I’m not too sure of yet. The only thing I’m sure of is that it changed my life. I’m here to talk about the stone cold truth.

I have had many individuals come to me asking how my experience has been. Either they are just curious, they want to enlist, or they are just saying crap to produce small talk. Usually that last one. Either way, I hope my blog will shed a little light on the subject and maybe even answer a few questions.

And just to be clear… this blog is NOT to “word bash” the Marine Corps. It’s simply to share my experiences.

A little about me, I am a female. I just have to point this out because people always assume that Marines are men, and I’m not complaining about this. After all, the military is a mans world, I’m just living in it. And to all those feminist out there who are offended by this comment, get over it. You try serving in the Marines and tell me it’s not a man world. “But Jacie… women can do whatever men can”. That is false. There are definitely some exceptions, but for the most part men are just built differently… (obviously).  Then you have the she hulk over here who can do 30 pull-ups and proves me wrong. And trust me, there are a handful of those in the Marines.

So here I am, Kansas born and raised but California lovin’. San Diego is a great place if you enjoy crowds and searching hours for a parking spot. As much as I complain, I do love it here. I’m an outdoorsy person so all these opportunities to get outside and be adventurous make me giddier than a school girl. Now back to the crowds, I’ve never been one for them. I don’t like contact so constantly having people bump into me can really get my anxiety going. But all in all, San Diego has so much potential. You just have to know where to go and when.

So to all who are taking the time to actually read this crappy blog, greetings. I welcome you with open arms… but don’t get too close.